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Cadcorp gains another OpenGIS conformance certificate

Cadcorp, the UK developer of the popular Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information System range of Windows based GIS software has passed another OpenGIS conformance test, the 3rd to date. At the April 2002 OpenGIS Technical Committee meeting held in the USA, the Cadcorp SIS and the Microsoft COM based Cadcorp apSIS toolkit OLE DB Provider were certified conformant with the OpenGIS Simple Features specification.

The Simple Features Specification defines both a data model for GIS vector data, and a database schema for presenting such data via the Microsoft OLE DB Provider COM interfaces. OLE DB is a specification for a set of data access interfaces designed to enable a multitude of data stores, of all types and sizes, to work seamlessly together. These interfaces comprise an industry standard for data access and manipulation that can ensure consistency and interoperability in a heterogeneous world of data and data types.

In practice, the Cadcorp SIS OLE DB Provider will allow users to present a Cadcorp work session (called a Saved Window Definition, or SWD) as a database, and the maps (called Overlays) associated with that work session as tables within that database. Any Windows applications that uses Microsoft’s ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) will be able to access these Cadcorp SIS work sessions and their maps.

This means that any of the vast range of data formats Cadcorp SIS reads as standard, including indexed datasets of multiple map tiles, can be displayed using a relational model. Cadcorp work sessions can thus be queried by external applications using, for example, Visual Basic, C++, or SQL, and the query results passed to other applications such as those dedicated to advanced statistical analysis and reporting. Furthermore Cadcorp data could be viewed in any client program which uses ActiveX Data Objects.