Cadcorp business partner, Symology, begins roll-out of Insight Version 2.4

Cadcorp business partner, Symology, begins roll-out of Insight Version 2.4


Stevenage, Herts, UK. 1 February, 2008. Digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) software developer Cadcorp has announced that Symology, a Cadcorp business partner and value-added reseller, has begun the customer roll-out of the latest version of its integrated infrastructure asset management system, Insight version 2.4. which can include the Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Control to provide an integrated digital mapping capability. Insight is used extensively by highway authorities within the UK as well as by numerous utility companies.

Announced by Symology last year, Insight Version 2.4 features a complete rewrite of the system’s mapping functions. The substantially enhanced mapping facilities, which can use Cadcorp’s embedded ActiveX Modeller and Manager software products, as well as products from other leading GIS suppliers, provide full enquiry and updating capabilities, as well as enabling users to “drive” the system from the map.

The embedded mapping functions use the advanced capabilities of the Cadcorp ActiveX engine to enable sophisticated symbology definition and layer control; the ability to read and display over 160 native GIS, CAD, graphics and database formats on the fly, without translation; and the ability to access remote Open Geospatial Consortium® (OGC) Web Map and Web Feature Services over the Internet.

Flexible mapping tools: The Insight system allows multiple map definitions to be defined and allocated to users, allowing different users to access the embedded mapping with personally tailored views.

The ability of the Cadcorp SIS family of software products to connect directly to spatially-enabled relational database management systems, such as Oracle and PostGIS, also helps Insight users to store, manage and access spatial data at a corporate level, rather than at a departmental level, and to benefit from the data sharing that this brings.

In addition, a suite of National Street Gazetteer Maintenance tools, which includes the ability to use the Ordnance Survey MasterMap Integrated Transport Network™ Layer and also maintain associated street data such as traffic sensitivity and reinstatement category information, is included in the new version.

Further and in line with the requirements of the forthcoming Traffic Management Act, Street Works notices can be automatically plotted on the map. Spatial co-ordination checks are provided to pinpoint conflicting works in the same street, vicinity or on diversion routes. Pinch-points – particularly significant for traffic disruption at busy junctions – can also be defined. Once plotted, Insight will add the area to the co-ordination checks and raise warnings for any works that are plotted in the area.