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Cadcorp appoints new business partner in Czech Republic

Recently Cadcorp has announced that Prague based land surveying and geodetic data solutions company Hrdlièka spol. s r.o. has recently been appointed as a Cadcorp business partner for the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. Part of the Hrdlièka Group of companies, Hrdlièka spol. s r.o. specialises in the acquisition, maintenance and processing of geographic data and in the development of digital mapping and GIS application software. The company’s principal GIS software offering is MAWIS, an established and widely used interactive web-mapping and data administration application. This has recently been re-engineered to integrate Cadcorp’s GeognoSIS.NET™ Web-based GIS in order to facilitate data distribution and sharing via the Open Geospatial Consortium Inc (OGC)-compliant interfaces that are built into Cadcorp software as standard.

Hrdlièka is already deploying its new GeognoSIS.NET-based MAWIS application into the energy distribution sector in the Czech Republic. The company is also preparing to deploy similar applications across a number of other markets within the Czech Republic and within neighbouring states. This will enable a wider range of organisations, including those not traditionally associated with GIS usage, to take full advantage of the Web-based capabilities provided by its new GeognoSIS.NET-based solutions.