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Cadcorp announces Book Plotter for SIS Map Modeller users

Cadcorp, the developer of the Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information System – digital mapping/GIS software suite, announced the availability of Cadcorp SIS Book Plotter. A new, free application that works with Cadcorp SIS Map Modeller V6.0 & V6.1, Book Plotter goes beyond the existing hard copy print capabilities of the Cadcorp SIS software suite. Book Plotter enables users to format a large area of mapping onto multiple, separate sheets or pages, with each one sequentially numbered to form the pages of a book.

Book Plotter provides tools to help users create suitable print templates, including page numbers and page continuation references. An index keymap can be automatically created and inserted onto each page. An index page can be created, as well as a map gazetteer in order to reference the map data by page and map reference.

Cadcorp SIS Book Plotter allows users to direct the output to a printer, to save the pages as Saved Window Definitions (SWDs) or to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. A book of maps can be based on any rectangular area of mapping, or even an irregular area defined using the special User-Defined Grid tools. Print templates and user grids can be saved and utilised as a corporate resource for creating map books of corporate GIS mapping in identical format.

The key features of the Cadcorp SIS Book Plotter are:
* Automatic creation of pages based on print template size
* User-defined irregular page grids
* User-definable ‘page overlap’
* User-definable overlap shading
* Automatic page numbering
* Automatic inclusion of page continuation references
* Automatic inclusion of an index keymap on each page
* Creation of an index page
* Generation of a map feature gazetteer
* Print template creation tools
* Output to SWD, PDF or printer
* Soft copy user documentation

Cadcorp SIS Book Plotter is available for download from: