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CADATA releases dwgBase V2.04

CADATA Consulting Ltd. has announced the release of dwgBase V2.04. With this release, dwgBase provides state of the art solutions for CAD data reporting for data consumers through dwgBase Lite and reporting and updating capability for data managers through dwgBase Pro. Version 2.04 adds directory processing and direct output to text file functions to dwgBase Lite and also greatly enhances the text search and extraction capability for both dwgBase Lite and dwgBase Pro.

dwgBase turns your drawings into searchable real-world databases – when accurate information is a requirement go to the source drawings! When you require tighter control of your projects for QA/QC. When you need to know where you have what or what you have where. When you require: a parts catalog or database; a BOM (Bill of Materials); a search list and markups for inventory control; location maps of fire extinguishers; to find all sections of conduit that are exactly 43″ long; to find all the high pressure hose or fittings; a pin-out database; a text index of your drawings; a document database; to extract GIS data. dwgBase delivers accurate information – right from the source drawings!

In one inexpensive (no CAD license required) package, dwgBase provides industry leading solutions for block/attribute extraction, mini-document management, text value / pattern searching / extraction, database creation, connection and linking capabilities, xref/image management and more. And the extensive, easy to use searching and reporting templates can provide phenomenal functionality without expensive custom programming! Whether your requirements are basic or advanced, dwgBase delivers accurate information – right from the source drawings!