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Cadastra partners with Swova to expand parcel management solutions

Cadastra, Inc. and Swova from US, have announced a strategic partnership to provide expanded parcel data management and maintenance services to local governments. This partnership will combine the experience and technical capabilities of both firms to offer a single, integrated resource for counties looking to streamline GIS maintenance activities and enhance technical capacity.

“ESRI’s latest GIS technology is giving local governments the flexibility to implement a variety of different maintenance solutions that fit their specific, individual requirements,” said Kari Burge, a Swova principal. “The choice is in the hands of the client: from maintaining data in an enterprise geodatabase, to outsourcing the entire maintenance, to a combination of the two. For example, it’s now possible for Cadastra and the county to perform shared maintenance functions on the same enterprise geodatabase via disconnected editing. We are excited to join forces with Cadastra and compliment their property solutions with our in-depth technical experience implementing and supporting enterprise ArcSDE geodatabases within Oracle and SQL Server.”