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CACI launches InSite 7 market analysis tool

20 September 2006: CACI announced on September 20, the launch of InSite 7 – an updated version of the highly flexible market analysis GIS tool. InSite 7 brings database, mapping and reporting functions together, enabling marketing professionals to closely examine market trends and opportunities.

InSite 7 supports those who need demographic and market information at their fingertips and boasts the greatest depth and breadth of geodemographic and lifestyle data available on the market. The system performs a wide range of tasks including generating catchment reports, identifying changes in lifestyle and consumer purchasing patterns and assessing the impact of competitors.

The launch of InSite 7 brings several key technical benefits, which include extensive use of drag and drop and mouse menus. Users will also be able to drill down into catchments of interest via a new function that allows multiple sessions to run simultaneously.

Other new benefits of InSite 7 include:Full colour mapping and improved map display; Editable toolbars and assignable shortcut keys; A Re-designed project window with database contents visible at all times; Improved expression builder and ; Easy to share data.

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