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C3S, GIS and surveillance cameras for Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh, August 16, 2007: Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh, is to be placed under security surveillance when Dhaka Metropolitan Police installs 155 cameras at 59 points during the coming year. The police decided to install the digital surveillance system for traffic management and crime control, setting up a unified control room. Under this “Command, Control and Communications Systems” (C3S) initiative, 155 sophisticated surveillance cameras will be installed at 59 points in the capital, including its nine entrances and exits.

Dhaka, along with its metropolitan area, has a population of 11 million people, making it the largest city in Bangladesh and one of the most populous in the world. In recent decades, Dhaka has seen modernisation of transport, communications and public works. Police officials involved with the project believe the system will provide a centralised command-and-control system with a new fully digital mobile radio communications system of the tetra (terrestrial trunk radio) communication standard. It will facilitate the law enforcers with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system with Geographical Information System (GIS). The whole picture of the city will be able to be seen from the control room and it is estimated that the installation will bring about significant changes in traffic management and crime control.