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C Tech announces Software Grant Program to tsunami stricken countries

In the wake of the tsunami, C Tech Development Corporation, of US, wants to ensure that their software is available to researchers assisting the affected countries. To that end, C Tech has established a grant program to provide free and reduced cost licenses of their software to organizations directly working on issues related to this tragedy. The software is used throughout the world for analysis and visualization of complex issues such as water resources, environmental contamination, and ocean monitoring.

C Tech’s worldwide user community has dramatically expanded the applications for its software. C Tech’s users are performing analysis and visualization tasks ranging from geologic and environmental analysis, to groundwater flow and transport, emergency management, radio frequency and electromagnetic modeling, oceanic exploration and characterization, civil engineering, archaeology and even the restoration of ancient buildings.

The purpose of the grant program is to provide software to researchers and organizations located in or working with the stricken areas to help address human and environmental health issues related to the disaster and to aid in the infrastructure restoration. C Tech’s grant program will provide five free licenses of their flagship MVS software which has a list price of $24,995 U.S. C Tech will also provide five reduced cost MVS licenses which will be made available for only $2,000 U.S.