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Buxton Adds the power of Google maps to enhance SCOUT

USA – Buxton announced today that they have licensed with Google, Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) to use Google Maps as the mapping program to drive its online site and customer management system, SCOUT, beginning June 13. The web-based tool provides clients with instant access to the most accurate psychographic and demographic data and mapping with the push of a button.

The greatest benefit of Google Maps within SCOUT is the ability to view aerial maps for any site in the United States. “Retailers are always interested in an aerial view of a particular site, and how their store will fit within the given space,” said Tom Buxton, president and CEO of Buxton.

Two additional benefits that Google Maps provides are constant updates to their data, offering the most current and accurate mapping available, and the Google Maps program enhances the mapping speed within SCOUT.
Buxton retail clients like California Pizza Kitchen use SCOUT to view information about current sites, current and potential customers, sales forecasts, site photos, signage images, site plans and more. SCOUT provides retailers with the ability to see important information about potential sites, as well as being able to view these potential sites within different market scenarios.

Public sector clients utilize CommunityID SCOUT to display all demographic and psychographic information with just a few clicks, as well as retailer match reports and retail leakage and surplus analysis reports. Buxton performs the research and compiles it into a marketing vehicle so that communities can recruit retailers and developers for retail economic development purposes.