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Bus Company to deploy web-based GIS customer service application

Redlands, California-ESRI’s Internet mapping solutions are powering a new customer service hot line at The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Ltd. (KMB), Hong Kong’s largest bus company. The system was recently awarded the Hong Kong Computer Society’s prestigious 2003 IT Excellence in Applications Bronze Award. The system, developed in conjunction with ESRI China (Hong Kong) Limited, is the latest addition to KMB’s state-of-the-art customer service hot line. The new Intranet-based information portal harnesses ESRI’s advanced mapping technology to revolutionize the storage, retrieval, and presentation of information to hot line staff. Since it started operating, customer call handling times have been reduced to a matter of minutes, and overall call center capacity has increased by about 30 percent. In addition, the time taken to train call center staff has been reduced by more than 70 percent. The map-based system enables support operators to quickly locate a caller and identify the most suitable route to his or her desired destination. It permits true point-to-point routing-from anywhere to anywhere within Hong Kong-with the system finding the nearest bus stop and identifying any transfers required along the route as well as route timetables. Travel plans can be designed to take in any number of locations along the way-more than 100,000 points of interest such as landmarks, shops, restaurants, and sports facilities are stored in the system. In addition, current traffic conditions are included so up-to-the-minute information on bus service operations can be given. All information is displayed on an on-screen map-no longer do operators need to waste time thumbing through street directory pages or looking up timetables.

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