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Burkina Faso updates its national base map

Burkina Faso, March 13, 2015: In 2011, IGN France International was awarded the project to update the national base map of Burkina Faso. The project was funded by the European Union under its 10th European Development Fund. Recently IGN France announced that the project is now complete and launched.

Completed between 2011 and 2015, this project consisted in the creation of 34 topographic maps at a scale of 1.200 000 as well as the updating of the national topographic database. The previous base map had not been updated since the 1950’s and did not reflect any longer the changes that have occurred in Burkina in the recent years.

For instance, over 40 or 50 years, new dams and new roads have appeared, demographic pressure has led to urban expansion, often at the expense of agricultural land which has started to take over forest cover, all in addition to phenomenon linked to global warming that may have modified agricultural, farming or forest areas. All of these types of changes had to be identified over the entire country and had to be on the updated map.

The project was divided in 4 main components: the acquisition of satellites images and the technical assistance for the launch of tenders that were meant to permit the acquisition of the equipment necessary for the project; a capacity building phase, including the implementation of the methodology, the identification of local expertise, the recruitment of local teams and extensive training sessions; a production and technical assistance phase; and the last phase aimed at highlighting the work being done.

Source: IGN France