Building bridges between industry and academia

Building bridges between industry and academia


New Delhi, India: Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) on Thursday organised a one-day ‘Roundtable for Geospatial Education and Capacity Building’. The event brought together senior professionals from the AGI member companies and experts from academia to discuss how to make students industry ready.

Representatives of the geospatial technology industry shared their concerns about the competencies of the fresh graduates and post graduates hired by them. They said that even the post graduates require a lot of retraining leading to additional costs as well as delay in their deployment to the assigned role. Representatives from the academia felt that their students are not getting quality roles in the industry. They also talked about their courses and programmes and the support they expect from the industry, like regular updates on technology trends etc. Industry experts shared their concerns about the high attrition rates of fresh graduates in India. They also voiced their concerns on how fresh graduates do not like working in the field. Representatives from the academic institutions said that the industry must define the parameters of expertise and should also participate actively in student’s training. AGI member companies made presentations to help the representatives from various universities get a better understanding of the technology direction and how they should reorient their courses. Academicians talked about how they are trying to upgrade their syllabus and infrastructure to be able to produce professionals that fit the bill.

Once the problem areas were defined, the discussion moved towards finding out the solutions. Although the forum was not expecting a quick fix, but the exchange of thoughts did trigger some very interesting ideas. For instance, most of the representatives from both the sides agreed on minimum six-month internship tenure. Similarly, representatives from both the industry and the academia agreed that the students should be exposed to projects rather than theory.

Earlier, Bharti Sinha, Executive Director of AGI, welcomed the representatives from both the industry and the academic institutions. Rajesh C. Mathur, the first Vice President of AGI and Vice Chairman at NIIT GIS Ltd., emphasised on evolving a ‘Roadmap for Building Human Resource Capacity and Capability’ which is in line with the requirements of the industry as well as the expectations of the users of geospatial technology in India. Kaushik Chakraborty and Pritish Bisoyi from Intergraph, Nikhil Kumar from Trimble, Vinak Trivedi and Mohit Bradoo from Bentley Systems, among others, represented the industry. The academia was represented by Professor P K Joshi from Teri University, Professor Parul Srivastava from NIIT University and several other prominent academicians.

Source: Our Correspondent