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Building better communities for indigenous Australians via GIS

Australia: The Department of Community and Social Inclusion (DCSI) has utilised Esri Australia’s GIS technology to transform the problematic auditing process. DCSI’s Aboriginal and Remote Housing (ARH) unit audits the condition of their housing programme which provides safe, quality housing to economically and socially vulnerable Indigenous Australians living in remote communities in South Australia.

Traditionally this was an arduous task, as staff conducting the inspections collected information using a notepad and pen and entered the data into a laptop at the end of each day. The GIS solution – with incorporates ArcGIS and Dekho technologies – has enabled significant workflow improvements, such as more efficient data collection, which has provided the Department with important evidence around housing needs and requirements.

DCSI field officers now use GIS-enabled mobile devices to instantly capture and record property and community information – which has led to improved data integrity and accuracy.

“GIS technology has cut our auditing time per dwelling from one hour to 20 minutes,” DCSI Business and Location Intelligence Services Manager Gary Maguire said. “The mobile GIS technology has proved so effective it has since been adapted to also record population census information, as well as asset information.”

Source: Future Gov