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Bucks lecturer receives prize for GIS innovation

UK: Dr Richard Mather of the Department of New Media & Technologies at Buckinghamshire New University, has been awarded The Institution of Analysts and Programmers (IAP) Prize for Software Engineering. Dr Mather has worked at Bucks since 1996 and his IAP award was recognition for his MSc dissertation, completed at the University of Oxford.

His dissertation, A Workflow Application and XML Datastructure for Processing Geo-referenced Images, is of particular interest to the GIS, remote-sensing and land-management communities. It allows the automation of image processing, in contrast to existing techniques, which are often ad hoc and circumstance-specific.

He said, “We aim to continue working with UK, EU and overseas partners to develop a web-based service to automate map production from satellite and aerial imagery, to be made available for environmental and education purposes.”

The IAP’s Marketing Manager, Tom Hohenberg, was joined by Bucks’s Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean: Design, Media & Management, Prof Chris Kemp, in presenting a certificate to Dr Mather, marking his achievement, at the University’s High Wycombe Campus.

Dr Mather admitted the award had come as something of a surprise. He said, “I was awarded a distinction for my MSc but had no idea that Oxford had also presented my dissertation to be considered for an IAP Prize in Software Engineering. Having worked with geographical information and imaging systems for many years, all my earlier qualifications and experience are related to forestry sciences. Bearing that in mind, I really appreciate the fact that the IAP has accredited work in a subject area that is relatively new to me.”

Source: Bucks