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BTP to use ERDAS TITAN 2009 ahead of 2012 Olympics

09 June 2009

Norcross (Georgia, USA) – Looking towards the 2012 Olympic Games in London, British Transport Police (BTP) has announced that it will be using ERDAS TITAN 2009, an online network for sharing and visualising data.

BTP is the national police force for the railways, providing a policing service to rail operators, their staff and passengers throughout England, Wales and Scotland. The Force is also responsible for policing the London Underground system, Docklands Light Railway, the Glasgow Subway, the Midland Metro tram system and Croydon Tramlink. The mission of BTP is to provide a policing service that delivers a safe railway environment free from disruption and the fear of crime.

ERDAS TITAN enables desktop publishing and visualisation of data, all while retaining digital ownership rights. BTP will use ERDAS TITAN as a command/control solution to quickly and easily share data. BTP chose ERDAS TITAN because of its ease of use, providing a means for information to be shared rapidly and securely between desktop environments.

During the Olympics, BTP will utilise standard data sets from ERDAS APOLLO and reactive data sets from ERDAS TITAN, gathered from various locations. These solutions will work together to rapidly share large volumes of data securely to the appropriate individuals and organisations. Infoterra Ltd., ERDAS’ authorized distributor in the UK and Ireland is providing ERDAS APOLLO and ERDAS TITAN to BTP.

BTP will implement an ERDAS TITAN Master Server and host several ERDAS TITAN GeoHubs throughout the country. An ERDAS TITAN Master Server allows an organisation to implement a secure, isolated network for sharing data. The GeoHubs will enable BTP to create secure communities for permission-based data distribution between subscribers within that network.

Utilizing ERDAS TITAN and ERDAS APOLLO, BTP will build a transportation security monitoring system. ERDAS APOLLO has increased BTP’s efficiency on their network and will enable interoperability to other national agencies, including multiple government organisations. This system will disseminate gridded data to remote locations quickly, regardless of bandwidth. ERDAS APOLLO will be used to integrate imagery in BTP’s mapping solution. This imagery is delivered via Web Mapping Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) through their Intranet. ERDAS APOLLO provides access to imagery for Operational and Strategic Planning, Crime Analysis and Civil Contingency Planning.