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BSRTC uses GPS to enhance road transportation

Patna, India: Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC) in India is all set to roll out GPS-equipped 72 more non-AC 32-seater buses on the roads in Patna, capital city of the state. In addition, Eden Transport Pvt Ltd, a private firm owned by Sacchidanand Rai rolled out GPS-equipped 70 non-air-conditioned and eight air-conditioned 32-42-seat buses in the city. These initiatives aim to provide safe and comfortable ride for daily commuters.

Apart from GPS technology, other highlights of Eden buses are GSM Edge Cameras, microphone, hand-held ticketing machines and fuel sensors. Eden is also considering adding 120 non-AC and 30 AC buses in its fleet of buses by the end of the year.

“GPS helps us in locating buses, maintaining the timetable. We can check overspeeding, overstaying. The camera sends us live images telling us the exact no of passengers in a bus. It’s also used for security reasons. Sensors check fuel consumption. To control this technical system, we have a control centre in Patna and a command centre in Kolkata,” said the Anjesh Kumar, Chief Technical Officer, Eden.

“The system is developed by Kolkata-based software firm PEOBRiCS, which is headed by IIT Kharagpur alumnus SS Raha. It works on ERP engine, collates all that data and gives us info,” he added.

“Till now we have invested INR22 crore and in the next round we will invest INR 80 crore. We have investor partners. In 2012, we don’t have any expansion plans. Next year we will work on how to make it profitable. I am confident it will be successful,” Rai said.

Source: Times of India & Zee News