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Brussels to update its digital map database

Brussels, Belgium: Brussels is planning to update its digital map database UrBIS (Brussels Urban Information System) and create 3D models of around 150 buildings of the region. For this purpose, it contacted Aero-Data International to conduct the survey. Five flights equipped with three different sensors collected new aerial photographs of the territory.

The first flight was executed with the Vexcel UltraCam Xp camera and the images were processed into stereo images and an orthophoto mosaic with a GSD of 7.5 cm. The images will be used to update the UrBIS map.

The three following flights were executed with the LiteMapper LiDAR sensor to acquire point clouds with a mean density of over 30pts/m². This dataset will be used to generate semi-automatic 3D models of the buildings.

In the final flight the VisionMap  A3 camera was used. The large Field Of View of the A3 (106°) was exploited to achieve oblique images with a great amount of detail (10 cm under 45°). Brussels was flown in NS and EW direction in order to have each building photographed from four angles.

Source: Aerodata