Brunei now in 3D

Brunei now in 3D


Bandar Seri Begawan: Brunei: Brunei now can be seen on 3-D map. Ministry of Development, through the Brunei Survey Department, has successfully completed one of the National Development Plan (2007-2012) projects, 3D Digital Terrain Model (DEM).

Using LiDAR technology, the project began in 2009. The LiDAR instruments used close range-infrared from the electromagnetic (1064nm) spectrum of light to collect data. Data measured on the ground was at every one-metre distance apart (exceeding six billion measurements for the whole country) with 15-cm accuracy (horizontal and vertical) in areas including forest areas, where tree heights can also be estimated by using the information of the top of the canopy and the ground elevation.

This endeavour has made Brunei among the best mapped countries in the world by providing highly valuable and positive impact on its natural resource management, flood mitigation, climate change, forest conservation programme and improved urban and rural development.

The project also carried out aerial survey of highly precision digital colour aerial photos.

Dr Mas Suriaiawati binti Haji Abdul Hamid, Senior Surveyor at the Survey Department, said that LiDAR technology is very fast and very accurate. Since image collected is clear and has the ability to depict and differentiate between different areas in Brunei, development will be made much easier as relevant departments and agencies now have the capacity to identify high and low lying areas and have a general overview of other infrastructures within the surrounding areas whilst also making hard-to-reach areas much more accessible.

“This is going to be the basis of Regional Knowledge Network as the Survey Department will be providing the information,” said Dr Mas who also shared that information gathered will also be useful for micro-development.

The department has plans to provide the data through the Web Geoportal.