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Bruker launches HI 90 Hyperspectral Imaging System

Ettlingen, Germany: Bruker, a provider of scientific instruments for materials and molecular research, and applied and industrial analysis, expanded its portfolio of infrared remote sensing products with the launch of HI 90 Hyperspectral Imaging System.
The imaging system is designed for gas detection in environmental, security and industrial applications. It is a chemical sensing system that can detect, identify and quantify a range of organic molecules that exist in the atmosphere, making it suitable for volcanology and atmospheric and environmental research.
The HI 90 system can identify and visualize hazardous clouds during chemical accidents or terrorist attacks from long distances. The dispersion, dimensions and direction of travel of the discharged chemicals can be assessed and the source of the cloud can also be located. Similarly, in industrial safety applications, the Bruker HI 90 system can help locate the place of leakage and the type of gas released.
The System is a combination of a focal plane array detector and a Michelson interferometer. An interferogram is recorded by pixels of the array. The image’s infrared signature is included in the spectra at each pixel. The array detector enables faster, simultaneous measurement of pixels when compared to sequential spectra recording pixel scanning systems.
Source: Bruker