Home News Broadband Services introduces MapVantage- an intelligent mapping & management solution

Broadband Services introduces MapVantage- an intelligent mapping & management solution

Broadband Services, Inc., a provider of integrated technical products and services for the advanced communications industry, has announced the availability of MapVantage(SM), the first cost-effective intelligent mapping, network asset management and data storage solution for the communications industry.

MapVantage, the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology designed to best meet the needs of advanced telecommunications providers, uses a secure, web-based open architecture platform to provide traditional network design and drafting, intelligent mapping of network architecture, integration with other OSS functions and secure and flexible data storage.

MapVantage provides an open standards access hub for physical network data, resulting in a company-wide knowledge base that can be shared among all departments.

Developed by Broadband Services’ Network Design and Integration Division, MapVantage provides operators with a full set of features needed for intelligent network mapping and management, including data conversion, customized mapping tools and secure and flexible hosting of an open geospatial database, from which authorized users can access and share data anytime and anywhere. Among the benefits:

  • Traditional Network Design and Drafting – MapVantage provides high throughput, high accuracy conversion of current data, to intelligent maps. In addition, contractors working for MapVantage clients receive MapVantage design and drafting tools and can post work to the MapVantage secure server, so that the client can manage the project in real time.
  • Intelligent Mapping of Network Architecture – By operating in a seamless environment, with total connectivity throughout the network, MapVantage eliminates the need to match grids and edges and manually update files.
  • Integration With Other OSS Functions – MapVantage’s open database model works with other enterprise applications so that data can be shared without restriction among Construction, IT, Operations, Engineering, Customer Care and Marketing departments.
  • Secure and Flexible Data Storage – MapVantage systems are located in a world’s best facility, running on best-of-class hardware, executing best-in-class software and using only best-practices disciplines, to ensure that clients have flexible access and security.