British point of interest with Telmap

British point of interest with Telmap


London, UK: Telmap – pioneers in mobile location-based services, partnered with Ordnance Survey to integrate Ordnance Survey’s Points of Interest product into Telmap’s location-based services to provide richer points of interest (POI) information in the UK.

Telmap Mobile Location Companion is the world’s first personalised mobile location companion designed to serve users’ mapping and navigation needs while on-the-go, offering a variety of location-related content such as traffic, speed cameras and points of interest information.

Ordnance Survey’s POI database covers England, Scotland and Wales and includes around 4.0 million different geographic data points, collecting data from over 170 suppliers, all of which are authoritative sources in their respective fields. The database offers a mass of local content, direct access to many businesses, tourist attractions, and other daily life destinations like banks, ATMs, post offices and more.  

“Partnering with Ordnance Survey, a brand well known for its quality and extensive information is a demonstration of our ongoing search for the best content suppliers in each locale, in order to provide end-users with a customised and unique location experience”, Said Motti Kushnir, Telmap Chief Marketing Officer.

“As Telmap solutions are deployed in major Great Britain operators’ networks, we are excited that our information is going to be accessible to as many people in Great Britain as possible”, said Tom Satterthwaite, Senior Product Manager, Ordnance Survey

Source: Telmap