Britain’s geological data online via OpenGeoscience

Britain’s geological data online via OpenGeoscience


UK: The British Geological Survey (BGS) has launched OpenGeoscience Web site, built on ESRI’s ArcGIS technology. It is the world’s first Web map service built on vector data serving attributed geologic data for an entire country.

OpenGeoscience’s Web interface offers viewing access to geologic maps of the whole of Great Britain at a scale of 1:50,000 with the resolution of geologic details to about 50 meters on the ground, which is essentially street level, a world first in terms of releasing countrywide attributed information at this scale.

Richard Hughes, BGS director of information and knowledge exchange, said, “OpenGeoscience provides the public with a wealth of geological information and resources including maps, photos, digital data, research reports, and software. These can be combined with other environmental information to help people better understand their world.”

GIS enables BGS data users to visualise geologic data and study relationships such as mineral extraction, land use and environmental concerns. The geologic geodatabase can be used to underpin planning, development, mineral resource extraction, hazard mitigation and more.

Ian Jackson, BGS operations director, said, “This Web site is not just a piece of cartography. It is a fully interpreted database. When you hover over a piece of rock on the GIS map, you can use the identification tool to read what the rock type is. You can enter a UK postal code and address and get an assessment of the stability of the land under your house and, more specifically, the geology under your house.”

Source: ESRI