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‘Brisbane flood map served as mission-critical app’

Australia: Brisbane City Council (BCC) Flood Map served as a mission-critical application for both Australian Government and citizens because the information shown on the flood map wasn’t just limited to the rising flood waters – it also provided Council personnel, emergency services management teams and the community with updated information regarding the situation as it unfolded, including evacuation centre locations, road closures and waste collection zones, observed Mark Billing, Business Manager at Esri Australia.

In conversation with FutureGov, Billing explained, “From a technical point of view, the BCC Flood Map emerged as the keystone for a broader application of the technology. When Brisbane was in a state of panic, the Flood Map remained a reliable resource and importantly the application experienced zero down time.”

Billing added that the BCC Flood Map was initially developed to be an internal resource, to help the council plan how they could respond to the crisis, however, the story it told was so compelling that the decision was made to share the application with the broader community.

A link was put on the BCC website with the help of the media and social media, the public were advised of the availability of this map which could help them understand where the flood could potentially go.

“Beyond the ability to satisfy people’s need for information, the platform conveyed critical emergency updates to large volumes of people in a manner that transcended language, education and location.”

The BCC Flood map was developed for the Brisbane city council by a team of volunteer technical specialists from Esri Australia.

Source: FutureGov