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BrightEarth-Global natural colour mosaic released by ComputaMaps

South Africa, 9 February 2007 – ComputaMaps, South Africa-based provider of geospatial data solutions, has announced the release of BrightEarth, a natural colour image mosaic covering 95% of the Earth’s land surface at a resolution of 14.25m.

The source for BrightEarth is the orthorectified Landsat 7 imagery acquired between 1999 and 2002 for NASA’s GeoCover programme. Using a proprietary algorithm, ComputaMaps has transformed the original false-color GeoCover imagery mosaics into a single color-balanced global mosaic with bright, vivid natural color that retains the high contrast detail of the original pan-sharpened source imagery.

BrightEarth imagery has less than 10% cloud cover for 90% of source scenes, and has an absolute horizontal accuracy of ±50m RMSE with many areas under 25m. BrightEarth is an ideal global imagery base for Internet map portals, location-based services, mobile content and navigation, 3D visualization and flight simulation, security and relief agency logistics, or any application where a seamless, highly detailed, geographically accurate, and realistic view of the world is required.

BrightEarth is available in UTM or Geographic projection, WGS84 datum, by individual country or continent, or as a single global coverage in a variety of compressed and uncompressed formats.

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ComputaMaps is a provider of geospatial data solutions. It provides essential 3D digital map databases to the wireless telecommunications industry, as well as to flight safety and other industries. ComputaMaps has processed satellite and aerial imagery, and produced terrain models covering over 150 million sq. km of the Earth’s surface. Its catalog of off-the-shelf data exceeds 1200 cities worldwide, ensures quick delivery of the required data. Customized data can also be processed quickly and accurately. For more info visit: www.computamaps.com