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Brazil’s INPE provides Indian satellite images

Image of LISS3 camera from Sao Paulo, Brazil 2014Brazil: The National Institute for Space Research (INPE) has started the processing and distribution of Indian satellite data ResourceSat-2. The images can be accessed for free through INPE’s official portal. Developed by India, ResourceSat-2 satellite has three imaging cameras: LISS-3, LISS-4 and AWIFS. The data will be distributed in Brazil by INPE the Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWIFS) data, which has spatial resolution of 56 meters and LISS-3, with a spatial resolution of 23.5 meters.

Resourcesat-2 is a follow on mission to Resourcesat-1 and the eighteenth Remote Sensing satellite built by ISRO. The satellite provides data with enhanced multispectral and spatial coverage.

Source: INPE