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Brazilian soil system is available on the internet

A set of nine thousand profiles of Brazilian soils is available online for free and public access. Profiles are the basic units of the study of soils and this knowledge is essential for planning the sustainable use and conservation of Brazilian soils. Moreover, the information obtained in these profiles generates the advancement of knowledge on tropical soils.

With the support of information technology, Embrapa has just created the largest soils database of the country. The information system of the Brazilian soils brings together in one single platform all the research results that the company has produced in the last 40 years on this topic.

This knowledge will contribute to making decisions on agribusiness, such as agricultural zoning and estimation of crop productivity, and represents an important source for teaching and research, mainly benefiting scientists, professors and graduate students.

Soils information collected and analyzed from all regions of Brazil make up the system, which includes profiles of soils, fertility analyzes and maps. The available thematic maps serve as the basis for agronomic studies on soil maps and fertility, land suitability for crops, climatic and agro-ecological zoning, among others. Thus, other research projects will also be favored.

The system consists of three modules of input data: pedology, fertility and mapping. The basis of pedology gathers data on soil profiles and is a key part of the information system. Each profile consists of layers or horizons, segmented by their morphological, mineralogical, micromorphological, physical and chemical characteristics.

The Brazilian Soil System is available at https://www.sisolos.cnptia.embrapa.br/.

Source: Embrapa