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Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring has more than 100 stations

The Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring of GNSS Systems (RBMC) now count, in March 2014, with 101 stations, after the incorporation of five new stations, located in Araquari and Florianópolis/SC (SCAQ and SCFL), Bacabal/MA (MABB), Sobral/CE (CESBs), Afogados da Ingazeira/PE (PEAF).

Each station of the Network is equipped with a GNSS receiver, connected to an internet link, whereby the data is freely available on the website of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Of the 101 stations that currently compose the RBMC, 63 operate in real time, and the rest for post-processing. All capitals in Brazil have at least one station of this Network, and in all of them, the data is available in real-time and post-processing.

Through the information generated by RBMC it is possible to obtain coordinates (latitude, longitude and altitude) with accuracy of a few centimeters and are different from those we are accustomed to use in our day to day life, in mobile devices. This accuracy, however, is necessary for various applications and professional activities that are conducted in different areas, for example in engineering, air and maritime navigation, in rural and urban cadastre, precision agriculture, among others. Therefore, the network, in operation since 1996, has been a tool of great importance for the development of geotechnology in Brazil.

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Source: IBGE