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Brazilian football club uses GPS to map players’ performance

Brazil: Nautico, a Brazilian football club, is using GPS technology to track players during matches and training session. The technology enables the club to gather data about players’ speed and distance covered by them during a match.

This innovation was first put into practice by Nautico in a match against football club Botafogo. The technology was then used again in a match against club Guild. The data collected from these two games is being used by the technical committee to draw a profile of players’ performance. This profile helped coach Alexandre Gallo in training his team. “Gallo has trained a team which has strength and speed. This data is very important for the committee as it helps players’ trainig,” said physiologist Cléber Queiroga.

A player’s performance between the first and second sets of the game can be evaluated with the help of a GPS device. “It is important to measure performance of the athletes during the match. A comparison can be drawn out on players performance,” said Queiroga.

Each player carries a small GPS unit inside his pocket which maps his displacements and velocities during the match. The data collected is then analysed by the department of physiology after the match.

Source: SuperEsportes