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Brazilian Federal police make 3D mapping of the area affected by plane crash in Santos

The Federal Police started on Friday (15th) to make the 3D mapping of the area affected by the plane crash that killed the presidential candidate, Eduardo Campos (Brazilian Socialist Party), and six others in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo area. The images will be captured using a drone.

Initially, this mapping will be done from the first photos and videos captured by experts in order to conduct a possible reconstruction of what happened minutes before the crash. With the collected material, the expectation is that the Federal Police can understand and even tread with the equipment the path made ​​by the aircraft.

Among the devices used by agents on the ground, is a 3D laser scanner, suitable for the documentation of accidents and forensic work. The apparatus has a 0,4 millimeter accuracy and a measuring rate of 500 thousand points per second for the production of 3D models.

The device performs a metric, graphic and photographic survey of the intended location. From the points defined by the team, the equipment makes a full turn of 360 degrees to capture the chosen area. Then it is moved to another point, where it does new scans. The end result is a detailed 3D digital image of the crash site.

Source: G1