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Brazilian Army standardizes and produces geospatial data for the World Cup

The Brazilian Army (EB) is acting in defense activities for the FIFA World Cup 2014 along with 12 host cities. For the activities of planning, logistics, coordination and implementation of the Land Force operations are being employed Command and Control Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), in order to maximize the use of resources and monitor the progress of the troops in situational ground.

The 1st Survey Division, military organization reporting directly to the Board of Geographic Service (DSG), headquartered in Porto Alegre (RS), is supporting, with updated geospatial data, the Coordination Center of Defense in the cities of Porto Alegre (RS ) and Curitiba (PR), as well as Viamão (RS) and Foz do Iguaçu (PR) branch offices.

Municipalities of Porto Alegre and Curitiba and the Paranaense Energy Company (Copel) provided their cartographic databases to compose the Brazilian Army GIS. The geospatial data of such bases were converted to the data structure developed by the Brazilian Army, called Technical Specification for Structuring Geospatial Data Vectorial of Land Defence Force (ET-EDGV Defesa FT), which is an expansion of the ET-EDGV version 2.1.3, approved by the National Commission of Cartography (Concar).

Among the main features of ET-EDGV Defesa FT is the inclusion of cadastre classes, which allows the use of this model to map to scale of 1:1000, and allows addressing and routing analysis. After the conversion, it was performed a spot activity that serves to update and complement the features and attributes listed in ET-EDGV Defesa FT.

Source: DSG