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Brazil to set up Center for Natural Disaster Alerts

Brazil: The federal government of Brazil published the Decree No. 7513 as a step towards establishing the Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alert (in Portuguese CEMADEN) under the Ministry of Science and Technology (in Portuguese MCT).

The center will issue alerts on the basis on information collected by radars, weather forecasts, soil analysis equipments and rain gauges. The idea is to start the monitoring in 25 Brazilian cities with ready geotechnical charts. The list of municipalities will be defined by the Ministry of Cities.

CEMADEN, worth BRL 250 million (BRL: Brazilian real), will be functional from November, 2011. Some of the key tasks of CEMADEN include: developing natural disaster alerts relevant to protective actions and civil defense in the country; conducting and disseminating studies and research aimed at producing information necessary for planning and promotion of actions against natural disasters; capacity building on science, technology, and innovation to continuously optimize natural disaster warning; operating computer systems necessary for natural disaster warning preparation; promoting capacity building and training, and fostering specialisation and post-graduate activities in the fields of interest; and providing natural disaster alerts for the National Center for Disaster and Risk Management (in Portuguese CENAD) of the Ministry of National Integration, aimed at supporting the National Civil Defense System.

Source: INDE