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Brazil to launch satellite in December

Brazil will launch a new satellite in partnership with China in December. The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) confirmed that the launch of the Cbers-4 satellite is expected to take place in the first half of December, Brazilian news website G1 reported.

CBERS-4 was originally scheduled to be launched in 2015, but the date was brought forward following the failed launch of the CBERS-3 satellite in December 2013, which did not reach its planned orbit after the rocket carrying it malfunctioned.

CBERS-4 will be launched from China under a partnership agreement signed between the two countries. Under the pact, each of them finances 50 percent of the project. CBERS-4 will have the same mechanisms as CBERS-3, but with more modern cameras to observe the Earth, G1 said.

The satellite will be used to capture images for the Brazilian government, to monitor the environment and to better manage agricultural resources. The space program is part of the government”s efforts to reduce its dependence on U.S. and European space equipment.

As part of their partnership, China and Brazil also agreed to cooperate to build CBERS-5, which is expected to be launched in 2017.

Source: Xinhua News Agency / SpaceDaily