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Brazil selects Carcara for border surveillance

Brazil: With an aim to curb drug smuggling and trafficking, Brazilian government considered to use two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Carcara, for border surveillance. UAVs will be functional by the end of this year.  
The Caracara is equipped with high definition cameras and GPS system, which allow the controller to establish the route in advance, or change it by clicking the mouse on a specific point of the image captured by the apparatus. The control station, similar to a laptop, is a robust and lightweight, which can be carried in ships and vehicles moving during operation.
Tin Muskardin, a German engineer responsible for this UAV project, said, “There is a possibility that this UAV can be in actions in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro for logistical support of the Navy.”
The Caracara can fly for up to one hour, sending images to a radius of 15 km in real time. “The Navy used the Caracara on a peace mission in Haiti to monitor the slums, Muskardin stated. About Caracara II, he said, “The second version is still in testing phase. It is a little larger – measures 2 m – and has twice the range. All this weighs only 4.3 kilograms.”
“You can control up to four aircraft at the same time with only one control station. It gives a realisation of continuous monitoring operations. The autonomy of a plane is only two hours in the case of Carcará II,” explained Muskardin.
Source: terra