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Brazil proposes alliance of Latin American space agencies

The Brazilian Space Agency ( AEB ) proposed last week in Bogotá , Colombia , the creation of a Latin American Alliance for Space Agencies (Alas ) – wards means wings in Spanish.The proposal was presented by the head of the Office of International Cooperation , José Monserrat Filho, who was in the country to attend the preparatory meeting of space agencies and commissions in Latin America at the University Sergio Arboleda, and the International Workshop on Space Law and Sovereignty promoted by Colombian Space Commission, linked to the vice -presidency of the Republic and the Colombian Air Force.

Participated in the seminar were representatives of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru and as special guest the general secretary of the International Academy of Astronautics, Jean – Michel Contant. For Brazil, and Monserrat attended the Secretary of the Embassy of Brazil in Bogota, Guillermo Alexander Rivera, and Colonel Jorge Vagner Vital, coordinator Technical and Operational Coordination Committee for Space Systems Deployment (Ccise), the Aeronautical Command of Brazil.

Both in the preparatory meeting regarding the seminar Brazilian proposal was well received , began to be discussed informally in conversations about cooperation and partnerships.


The AEB also suggested that the Alliance start looking for their activities in practice, at least two programs: cooperation between Latin American universities to produce small economical, efficient and useful satellites with a mission to provide services to countries region, and the mounting of a regional system of access, distribution and use of data and satellite images required for plans for social and economic development of each country.

Alas is thought to be a forum aimed to provide and encourage the establishment of programs and collaborative projects capable of meeting the needs and demands of the region. The organization initially operate through virtual contacts and videoconferencing. The intention is to make maximum use of existing human and technological resources .To Monserrat , the Alliance will surely have a long way to go to reach the positive results we all seek , ” but the first steps , and focused and concrete , should be given with the greatest possible haste .”

Source: Agencia Brasil