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Brazil plans to develop geostationary satellite

Rio, Brazil, 27 June 2006: The Brazilian Space Agency’s (AEB’s) Space Programme includes a plan to develop a geostationary satellite to furnish basic meteorological and communications services (such as television and telephone transmissions). Brazil currently acquires these services by buying space in satellites belonging to foreign companies.

According to the president of the AEB, Sérgio Gaudenzi, the chief purpose of the Space Programme is to observe the Earth. The images generated by the three Brazilian satellites, he informed, are mainly used to control deforestation and burnings and to help orient agricultural production by providing data on harvests. They are also used in urban planning and ocean control.

According to Gaudenzi, Brazil may have its geostationary satellite by 2012. He explained that, in spite of the high cost, possessing the technological is a strategic matter for the country.