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Brazil inaugurates a new laboratory for aerospace sector

The development of complex aerospace projects, such as large structures in carbon fiber, now only available through partnerships with overseas research laboratories, starts to become a reality in Brazil.

The aerospace companies already established in São José dos Campos Technology Park (SP) will be the first beneficiaries of the technological infrastructure of the Laboratory of Lightweight Structures (LEL), inaugurated by the Institute for Technological Research (IPT) on last Friday (16).

One of the most important features of the LEL is its functioning within the concept of multi-user lab, opening the percept of access to technical and sophisticated resources for small and medium companies. The access to these technological tools in Brazil today is restricted just to the big companies.

The laboratory counted with R$ 46.7 million in investments and it was financed by funds from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP), IPT, São Paulo government and local council. It will support the development of infrastructure projects for the aviation industry, in the areas of advanced metallic materials, composites technology (made ​​of polymers reinforced with some kind of fiber) and rolling automated processes.

Although the aeronautical and aerospace industries are the users with major interest in increasing the structures, with lower weight and cost, the technological tools available on LEL also have application in the automotive, auto parts, oil and gas, power generation and electricity transmission.

Source: IPT