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Brazil implements Land information management solutions to support land reform

The Brazilian Institute of Settlement and Agrarian Reform (INCRA) has selected Intergraph’s land information management solutions as the foundation of a new system to support land access democratization for the country. The system allows the Brazilian government to overcome previous technology and geographic obstacles for quick identification and distribution of land suitable for settlement by the people of Brazil. A division of the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry, INCRA, with the support of SERPRO, a governmental IT services provider, and SISGRAPH LTDA., Intergraph’s exclusive Latin American distributor, designed, developed, and implemented the SIR – Sistema de Informacoes Rurais (Rural Information System) – based on GeoMedia(R) desktop and Web technology.

The system was built as a multipurpose cadastre database incorporating data, including ownership records, parcel boundaries, soil types, and declivity integrated with remote sensing technology. The comprehensive system provides functionality for the initial assessment of an area’s agricultural potential and identification of suitability for settlement. Integrated capabilities are also included to define new parcels and record property certificates.

The SIR system further improves efficiency by providing interactive access for multiple departments within the country. Departments across the nation have access via the Web to the latest up-to-date information, allowing them to provide a higher quality of customer service. The INCRA’s twenty-six state branches access SIR to perform local daily tasks, such as inputting and validating tabular and graphic data, issuing property certificates, and updating land information. In addition, more than 300 municipalities currently use the system to verify information for landowners requesting public loans.

Implementing a spatial corporate database with live links to geographically dispersed departments and automated real-time workflows has enabled INCRA to eliminate redundancy and improve accuracy of their land data.

In managing land settlements for Brazil, the world’s fifth largest country in terms of land area, INCRA needed reliable, state-of-the-art technology that could handle the large amounts of geospatial and asset data associated with Brazil’s 600,000 settlements. INCRA chose Intergraph’s GeoMedia, GeoMedia Professional, GeoMedia WebMap, GeoMedia WebMap Professional, and MFWorks because of the software’s proven ability to integrate and manage disparate data across the enterprise as well as the expertise of SISGRAPH’s technical team.