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Brazil gets its own digital atlas

Illinois, USA, 02 April 2007: GeoDecisions is developing a custom GIS application for Illinois-based Adams Electric Cooperative. When the project is complete, Adams will have a fully functional GIS database that will enable its users to view electrical data with increased spatial accuracy. As a result, Adams will quickly and efficiently compile and analyze its electrical data for outage management and other engineering analysis functions.

As part of the project, GeoDecisions is updating and converting Adams’ electrical data from AutoCAD files to an ESRI based format geodatabase with orthophotography. The orthophotographic background in the project is used for increased data placement accuracy and to serve as a visual aid for crews out in the field.

To ensure all data is current, updates will be made to the GIS using Adams’ hardcopy map books and fuse/switch hardcopy maps. Additionally, the application will allow personnel to generate plots and prints from the GIS database that resemble the current appearance of familiar hardcopy maps.