Brazil and China schedule new satellite launch for 2014

Brazil and China schedule new satellite launch for 2014


Brazil: Brazil and China will launch a new joint environmental monitoring satellite in 2014 to replace one which failed to enter orbit earlier this month, according to Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo.

“What happened was a tragedy…But there is another satellite already built and ready. It was in the budget for the project, planned for launch in 2015. Now we are looking at the possibility of launching it in 2014,” said Bernardo.

The Brazilian-Chinese CBERS-3 satellite, meant to be a key tool in Brazil”s efforts to control Amazon rainforest deforestation and to monitor its huge agribusiness sector, blasted off from China”s Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi province on a Long March 4B rocket December 9. But the launch rocket malfunctioned during the flight and the satellite failed to enter orbit. “The satellite program called for all parts to be built with duplicate copies, which have already been shipped to China,” added Bernardo.

Source: Space Daily