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Brazil and China engaged in the production of CBERS-4

Brazilian and Chinese technicians analyze the possibilities of release early the CBERS-4, fifth satellite remote sensing from the program that Brazil and China are pursuing together. The talks began after the failure with the rocket Chinese Long March 4B, launched from Taiyuan based on 9 December, which prevented the CBERS-3 reached the preset orbit.

The fact that satellite has responded positively to all commands, such as opening up solar panels, for example, and have sent information to the control center shortly after being ejected, even outside the orbit, is appointed by the technicians as a favorable factor for faster production of CBERS-4, because it shows the perfect functioning of the equipment, which all tests before the launch had already demonstrated.

Another item to contribute to a possible anticipation is the fact that parts of the satellite are already being assembled in both the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in São José dos Campos (SP), as the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST).

The causes that led to failure in the third stage of the rocket launcher are under review by Chinese technicians. CBERS-3 was designed with four cameras of different resolutions and uptake capacity, which would be responsible for collecting images with higher quality of agricultural activities and contribute to the monitoring of the Amazon, helping to combat illegal deforestation and forest fires.

Source: Inpe