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Brazil and Canada sign cooperation programme for space area

The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will sign on Monday (17) a program of cooperation for the training of professionals and students skilled in space-related subjects through the Science Without Borders (CsF) program. The signing of the document by the AEB’s president, José Raimundo Coelho, and CSA’s president, Luc Brûlé, will take place in the opening of the event “Canadian Space Mission to Brazil”, in São José dos Campos Technology Park (SP).

The objective of this agreement is to intensify cooperation between the two agencies within missions and projects in the space, in order to advance their knowledge related to science, technology and innovation in the space sector areas.

Thus, the cooperation includes exchange of students, researchers, interns, engineers, technologists, managers and lawyers, in academic, scientific and industrial institutions of high-level, identified by mutual agreement, as well as training programs, graduation studies, specialization, doctoral and post-doctoral.

Business – About the Space Mission’s programming, which ends up next Tuesday (18), there will be three panel and many lectures, besides a business meeting between representatives of companies in the Brazilian and Canadian aerospace sector.

The first panel, mediated by the director of the Satellites, Applications and Development of AEB, Carlos Alberto Gurgel Veras, has the theme “Applications of Space Technology for Social and Economic Development”. The second one, with the mediation of William Mackey, CSA counselor, discusses the “Joint initiatives between Brazil and Canada for the Building of Training in Space Technologies”. Both activities will happen on the first day of the event.

The third panel, scheduled for the morning of Tuesday (18), has as theme “Brazil-Canada Spatial Private Sector to Build Successful Partnerships” with mediation of the Technical Operations Director of the São José dos Campos Technology Park, Elso Alberti Jr., and also David McCabe, general manager of the Mission Development Group.

Source: AEB