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BOW solution, an economic alternative to GPS covers 4 states

Bangalore-based BOW Network Pvt Ltd announced that it had covered 172 tracking points in the four southern states, Goa and Pondicherry to enable its truck movement tracking system. A tracking point is a manned unit like a telephone booth, where truck drivers would stop and report crossing the point. The status report would be updated in a central repository, which can then be accessed by the consignee, truck owner or anybody interested in tracking the movement of the particular truck. Officials from the company, announcing the appointment of three master franchisees in Tamil Nadu, said the company would start issuing tracking cards once it covers 300 tracking points across India. BOW Network early September this year had announced the launch of an innovative truck tracking system, using interactive voice recognition system as a economic alternative to GPS and systems based on radio frequency devices. The company expects to enable 300 tracking points covering some of the northern states in by the end of November this year.

P S Selvaraj, the managing director, BOW Network, said: “We plan to issue two lakh cards in the first six months of operations and breakeven at the end of this period. Our monthly turnover would be Rs.6 crore.”

The company also announced that it planned to provide SMS and mail alert services for vehicle tracking along with the existing online and offline information. The new mail alert and SMS service would ensure that the data would pop up at the customers’ terminal or mobile device automatically, saving time spent in logging on to BOW website. The present model works with manual data updates no vehicle movements at the area franchisee level. Selvaraj said the company would soon upgrade this model to an automatic update enabling faster delivery of data to the company’s customers. The company has so far appointed 18 master franchisees and over 100 area franchisees in the four southern states, Goa and Pondicherry.