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BOW rolls out cheap vehicle tracking system

BOW Network, a Bangalore-based enterprise solutions company for the transport industry, has launched a unique vehicle tracking system. The BOW (Bharat on Wheels) system uses the hub and spoke method to track a vehicle anywhere in the country at the cost of just a local call. Vehicle operators who register with the company for a one-time fee of Rs 1100 are given a smart card christened BOW Card. For the non-registered, the service is offered through a Trip Card. The cards will enable corporates/companies and individual customers to keep a track of their consignment and delivery schedules. The operator hands over the smartcard to the driver of each vehicle for providing information on the journey and consignment from pre-designated tracking points on the way.

“The biggest problem faced by the multi-billion transport industry in India is the location of vehicles on the move. Our system operates without any additional gadget being fixed to the vehicle. Designed and developed with indigenous software and hardware, the system runs on BOW servers with high-speed data transmission, auto data back-up and recovery, and high security network for uninterrupted service,” BOW managing director PS Selvaraj said.

By using a vast network of franchises and tracking points on the national and state highways, the newly-set-up enterprise solutions company offers an interactive voice response system (IVRS) to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the vehicle’s location, date, time and any message the vehicle’s driver has to convey to his operator or even the customer whose freight is being shipped.

“Our studies have revealed that, on an average, a truck driver transporting goods from the north to the south or from the east to the west in the country spends about Rs 2000 per trip to keep the operator/owner informed about his location and the goods by using the STD line. The latter also end up spending Rs 500-800 to interact with drivers on the move. By using our IVRS, the communication costs will drop to Rs 500, including the cost of the local calls a driver would be making using the smart card. The network also enables operators and drivers to communicate in the event of the vehicle’s breakdown, sickness or accidents on the route,” Selvaraj explained.

The company is targeting about 200,000 trucks in the next 6 months in south India and plans to expand the network to other parts of the country in a year. It has already appointed 50 trained franchises to launch the operations. The network will be increased to 125 franchises by the year-end, with their locations being in state capitals, major cities/towns and districts. The company has been set up by five promoters with an authorised capital of Rs 10 lakh. It aims to break-even in six months with a monthly revenue of Rs 6 crore when fully operational.

Source: Business Standard
10th May 2003
New Delhi