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Boundless launches OpenGeo Suite software v.4.8

US: Software developer for geospatial technology, Boundless released the latest version 4.8 of its OpenGeo Suite on its geospatial software platform. This is being seen as a significant advancement for organizations looking to leverage the power and cost-effectiveness of open source software to manage geospatial data and create maps across web, mobile, and desktop applications. As far as the new abilities of the version are concerned, it includes support for Mapbox Vector Tile and other vector tile formats. Vector tiles serve map information in smaller, more efficient units and offload the generation of the final images to the end device. It also features Network Common Data Format (NetCDF) support, which enables OpenGeo Suite users to perform more powerful analysis of atmospheric and meteorological data. Meanwhile, an improved rendering and JPEG compression provides significantly accelerated output performance. The included instance of GeoServer is updated to version 2.8, adding features including Z-order rendering, contrast enhancement, and PostGIS curve support.

Source: Boundless