Bosch plans to commercialise Lidar by 2020

Bosch plans to commercialise Lidar by 2020


Germany: Robert Bosch is planning to sell a laser-based radar known as Lidar by 2020 to meet demand for high-tech sensors in autos.

Jan Becker, a senior manager in the autonomous technology group at Bosch said, "The 360-degree sensing must become more robust for cars to drive themselves. Bosch plans to commercialize a lidar system by 2020 to move toward that goal."

Currently, various driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control depend on traditional radar or cameras. However, few automakers have begun deploying lidar in self-driving prototypes. The proposed initiative of Bosch would be a first commercial attempt to use beams of light in cars instead of radio waves to obtain high-resolution images of surroundings.

Source: Automotive News Europe