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Bolivia to develop virtual Geospatial Centre for Biodiversity

Bolivia: In a bid to ensure sustainable development, Dr Humberto Perotto-Baldivieso and Dr Andrew Gill of Cranfield University alongside the Noel Kempff Mercado Museum of Natural History in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, will develop a new Geospatial Centre for Biodiversity (GCB) [In Spanish: Centro Geoespacial para la Biodiversidad].

The GCB will be a virtual centre. It will provide animal information using web-GIS technologies, aligned with countrywide conservation strategies. The aim of this project is to collect, assimilate, synthesise, distribute and disseminate spatially explicit information and scientifically robust biodiversity knowledge to students, policy-makers, and the public to promote the sustainable management of Bolivia’s biodiversity as natural capital.

Dr Humberto Perotto-Baldivieso, who is leading the Cranfield team, explained, “This is a really exciting project. There is a wealth of information about plant and animal life in Bolivia – the challenge is bringing this all together in one coherent web platform that decision makers, students and researchers can use to protect biodiversity in the future. This project will engage with potentially hundreds of data holders to do just that. The Centre is envisaged to be a new way to visualise, distribute, and take conservation to the community, decision-makers and researchers not only in Bolivia, but worldwide.”

Source: www.ecofriendnews.com