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Boeing Hands GPS IIF-5 to the US Air Force

The U.S. Air Force's GPS 2F-5 satellite encapsulated inside its United Launch Alliance Delta 4 payload fairing. Credit: ULA photoUS: Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems has handed over the fifth satellite in the GPS IIF series of positioning, navigation and timing satellites to the US Air Force. The accuracy of the GPS has been improved with the recent handover. The newest addition to the GPS constellation increases the precision of position, navigation and timing data sent to users around the world. The satellite was launched February 20. The Air Force, which operates the GPS system, and Boeing have now completed deployment and validation of the spacecraft's systems, stabilizing the vehicle and activating its navigation payload.

"As each GPS IIF joins the fleet, we are sustaining and modernizing the constellation for years to come. With this latest successful handover, Boeing is maintaining a robust operating rhythm this year to support the GPS program,” said Craig Cooning, Vice President and General Manager of Space and Intelligence Systems. Boeing is preparing the next GPS IIF satellite – the sixth of 12 – for a second quarter launch. The GPS IIF delivers improved accuracy, greater security and anti-jam capabilities while maintaining baseline legacy GPS performance. Since the first launch in 1978, Boeing-built GPS satellites have accumulated the equivalent of more than 500 years of on-orbit operation.

Source: Space news