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Boeing and root9B Partner to Offer In-depth Cyber Security Training

US: Boeing is partnering with root9B to provide cyber security training and simulations that will help customers address rapidly evolving cyber threats. Combining the Boeing Cyber Range-in-a-Box (CRIAB) training and simulation tool with root9B’s content, the companies will offer tailored virtual environments that help users broaden their skills, identify and address deficiencies in their networks and respond more quickly to network security threats. “As cyber security threats grow in frequency and complexity, it’s critical that enterprises train their information security professionals with realistic scenarios, without compromising the systems they’re trying to protect. Together, Boeing and root9B will help our customers rapidly train to defend against the threats of today and tomorrow,” said Per Beith, Director of Boeing Information Security Solutions.

root9, a Colorado based company, offers world-class cyber security training, consulting, operational support, and cyber range capabilities. Through this agreement, Boeing’s CRIAB customers worldwide will gain access to root9B training, including more than 120 courses in various aspects of cyber security. “We’re excited about the opportunity to support Boeing's tactical cyber security offerings. Defending a complex network extends beyond mere technical solutions, appliances, and software. It takes cyber security experts with the tactics, training, perspective, and capabilities to stop sophisticated threats, and this is a great step towards addressing these needs,” said Eric Hipkins, CEO of root9B. Founded in 2011, root9B is a dynamic provider of sensitive cyber security and intelligence training to commercial and government organizations, combining cutting-edge technology, tactics development, custom tools and deep mission experience. A wholly owned subsidiary of Premier Alliance Company, root9B personnel regularly conduct advanced cyber security operations, training exercises and industrial control system (ICS) security.

Source: Boeing