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Bob Samborski is Business Editor of Geospatial World

Noida, India: Geospatial Media and Communications appointed eminent geospatial professional, Bob M Samborski as the Business Editor of Geospatial World, the premier geospatial industry magazine.

Bob is closely associated with Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) for more than two decades. He played a key role in serving geospatial industry through GITA’s forums and conferences which facilitated the exchange of ideas to keep up with changing technologies. His vision and understanding of the geospatial industry has resulted in the successful conduct of GITA conferences year after year attracting geospatial professionals working in utilities and infrastructure segments across the world.

Commenting on his association with Geospatial Media & Communications, Bob said, “I have watched Geospatial Media (formerly, GIS Development) evolve into a global leader creating awareness and educating stakeholders on the utility of geospatial information and technology. Geospatial Media & Communications is today a manifestation of the accumulated efforts of a group of people I would characterise as passionate, dedicated and professional in their continuing pursuit of raising the profile of geospatial technology throughout the world.”

“It is for these reasons that I am very honored and pleased to be associated with Geospatial Media and Geospatial World magazine. I look forward to being able to contribute in a meaningful way to exploring and documenting how geospatial technology can support other systems and business processes in a variety of companies and organizations in both public and private sectors. The future will be influenced by how geospatial data, technology and smart applications can support more and better integration of systems, processes and people. It will be an exciting time and I am very happy to be along for the ride.”

Welcoming Bob to Geospatial Media and Communications, Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Kumar said, “It is our great pleasure to have Bob Samborski, someone who I have had the privilege of working together as partners with GITA for more than a decade, join the Editorial Board of Geospatial World. Bob is an epitome of knowledge, experience and dedication. He has been championing and promoting the growth of geospatial technology for the past three decades. With Bob on board, Geospatial World magazine will move up to the next level of its mission to champion the business orientation of geospatial industry while demonstrating the value proposition and assessing the returns on investments of implementing geospatial technology.”